About Amber HR

About Amber HR

For some time now I have worked with the Institute of Directors (IOD), chairing the People and Development Forum for Business Leaders in the South East. After reflecting on the feedback I received from these forums it became apparent that many of those leaders I engaged with, were crying out for a pragmatic, no nonsense, hands-on, professional HR support structure.

The majority of those I spoke with began to appreciate the need for a more strategic approach to HR but most couldn’t justify to themselves the full-blown cost of employing a full-time HR Director/Manager. It was probably fair to say that during those initial discussions, they saw HR as a luxury or at least an expensive overhead to be avoided. As a result their HR efforts were generally confined to simple operational administrative activities all too often performed by people not best qualified to do so. What they generally failed to realise was that employment legislation itself had become a minefield and though their lack of knowledge they had become exposed to all manner of litigation risk; risks that could be avoided with expert HR guidance.

With their encouragement, I decided to apply my knowledge to support these companies. But it was important to me to offer strategic guidance as well, not just operational assistance. I’m a strong believer that you have to get the basics right, the processes and procedures yet more than that you need a strong people strategy, one aligned to achieving the strategic goals of the business. Unfortunately this is often not the case. As a consequence Amber Human Resources was born. With Amber HR, we operate quite simply as a virtual extension of a company’s senior management team. We provide business leaders the flexibility to utilise high calibre HR expertise as and when needed, in a manner that is extremely cost effective for them.

Throughout my own career I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of successful and forward thinking business leaders who understood how HR could make a real difference. How it could actively contribute to the financial performance and success of the business. Amber HR is all about working with like minded people who seek to maximise the potential of their business through realising the maximum potential of their people.

Our ethos is one of team work and accountability. It is one where we work alongside you, in your business, as your trusted business partner. Our HR Team has extensive operational and strategic experience in delivering HR solutions to a variety of businesses both nationally and internationally, from blue chip to start-up, and covering everything from legal compliance to talent management. We understand how organisations work and how HR can really add value to the bottom line. We feel we have a lot to offer and would really welcome the chance to work with you.

Sharon Black (Managing Partner)