Change Management

Change ManagementThe very design of an organisation, or put more simply what does the organisation look like and feel like, is key to the success or otherwise of the business and provides the platform from which all people related activities are based on. The design must be aligned with the purpose and objectives of the business.

In an ever increasing competitive market more and more organisations are being pushed to reduce costs, improve the quality of products and services, locate new opportunities for growth and increase productivity.

Your business may need to change for a number of reasons such as profit warning, change of leadership, change in market dynamics, management blockages or post acquisition integration.

Most organisational changes are not always properly thought through given that there are potentially innumerable factors to consider, stakeholders to consult and employees to engage with.

Understanding the HR consequences of business change and the potential for getting it wrong is a must for a business leader taking his/her organisation through any kind of change no matter the size. Amber-HR will support you and your leadership team to navigate the process and will work with you to understand the overall objectives and desired outcomes, ensure key stakeholder buy in and establish a project plan to deliver the execution and transition.