Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Why is coaching and mentoring such a hot topic on today’s agenda? Quite simply because by encouraging your people to grow, you will enable your company to grow and coaching and mentoring is a proven, cost effective way of facilitating this. However for your company to really get the most from it, it needs to start from the top.

John Childress, an authority on change management, asks a great question, “What shadow does your senior team cast and how does their behaviour impact performance?” The “shadow of the leader” is a well understood concept in business, your people will adopt behaviours they observe from their leaders rather than simply react to their mantras. A classic case of actions speaking louder than words. If your leadership team say one thing but does another your people will quickly get the drift and behave accordingly.

So your leadership team need to be more than experts in their field, they need to be role models and that standard has to be set from the top. Nonetheless leadership can be a lonely and often bewildering place to be as the time, skill, knowledge and passion required for running a business, a function, a department or a team cannot be underestimated.

It is often helpful to have an outside perspective…a “sounding board”. Coaching and mentoring is a very effective way of taking individuals on a journey, allowing them to discover more about themselves and importantly more about their impact on others.

Our experienced HR consultants will work with you to establish an individually tailored coaching and mentoring programme for your leadership team which can then be aligned to flow down through your whole organisation.