HR Health Check


HR Health CheckWith constant changes in employment legislation there is an ever increasing burden of responsibility placed upon companies, directors and line managers to comply with these changes. That is why a thorough HR health check is vital.

It is a sad fact that with plenty of “no win, no fee” lawyers out there, more and more people are turning to litigation as an easy way to make money. Tribunal awards typically range up to £30k for falling foul with regards to cases concerning unfair dismissal, sex & race discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, etc.

Unfortunately, it is surprisingly easy to “come a cropper” in this regard. For instance, did you know that when interviewing someone for a new job, the interviewee is entitled to see your interview notes and did you also know you are obliged to keep such notes available for their inspection for up to 12 months after the interview? You won’t be surprised to find that some sharp people actually make a living out of “failing” interviews through routine lawsuits!

To alleviate this risk Amber HR will come to your premises to conduct a complete HR health check, i.e. a thorough HR audit covering all aspects of your HR processes, procedures, methods and record keeping. We will quickly identify areas of risk or concern and will put in place a corrective action plan which we are happy to carry out for you should you so wish. We can also provide ongoing support and updates for a nominal fee.

Please call Amber HR today to book your HR health check. It will be a small price to pay for “peace of mind”.