HR Toolkit

HR Toolkit

We are equipped with a number of useful HR tools that will quickly get your HR systems functioning effectively. More importantly we can provide you “peace of mind” by ensuring that your systems and documentation are compliant with current legislation.

Keeping compliant can be a nightmare. Legislation changes are all too frequent so staying on top can be a fulltime job, a difficult task that many companies can ill afford. Amber HR, however, has the resources to ease this burden. Using our in depth audit check list we will quickly identify shortfalls in your systems and put a plan in place to correct them.

We have an extensive library of pro-forma documents and business letters that we can readily adapt to suit your business enabling us to plug any identified weaknesses quickly.

Amber HR has also developed an HR KPI (key performance indicators) Dashboard which we can integrate in to your systems enabling you to monitor your people issues such as absence trends and the like.

In addition we are qualified to deliver and feedback Saville & Holdsworth psychometric testing behavioural profiling tools. This is a useful tool when used to help assess people for key positions during recruitment or for part of a personal development programme.

Call us today to understand how these tools can accelerate your business moving forward.