RecruitmentIt should go without saying that having a first class recruitment strategy is a key factor towards achieving profitable growth; after all, a business is only as good as its people, … right?

Of course successful companies already know this; they understand intrinsically that correct recruitment decisions are fundamental to the success of their business. As a consequence they take enormous care to perfect their recruitment process. Do you take the same care?

It may surprise you then that we still come across a lot of companies that put more effort into choosing their department photocopiers than they do into finding the right people to take their business forward. It’s rather a sad indictment but true; effectively many leave their recruitment process to chance. Needless to say successful companies leave nothing to chance!

Amber HR are experts in recruitment. We have been recruiting at all levels and disciplines for over 25 years and have developed a rigorous 10 step approach to ensure that we only recruit the best people for your business. We believe we achieve this in the most timely and cost effective manner too because we truly act as your HR function not as a recruitment agency, we value your long term business so you pay a set project rate not a percentage fee.

Broadly speaking our 10 step recruitment approach is:

Step 1: Create role specification

Creating a detailed role specification is the cornerstone to ensuring first class recruitment. We work closely with you to define the core technical competencies required as well those that would be nice to have. Similarly we do the same for behavioural competencies because you need to know that your candidates are a match for your team and culture. After all you’re unlikely to want square pegs in round holes.

Whilst we adopt a thorough approach to defining the role specification we like to challenge you as well in order to avoid costly mistakes. For example, is the role you’re looking to recruit really long term or is it perhaps short term? Could the best solution then be interim rather than permanent? Are there suitable candidates available internally before we go to the expense of looking outside to recruit?

Once the role specification is complete we get you to sign off on it so we can push ahead with the next recruitment stage.

Step 2: Advertising

Recruitment advertising is generally expensive so we aim to get the best return for your investment. Where possible we avoid external agency fees and do the work in-house.

We will put the ads together and advise where best to advertise be it local papers, the web/job-sites or occasionally through search consultants. Once you’re happy we will place the ads for you too.

Step 3: Avoid the legal pitfalls

Whether it’s in the recruitment advertising content or the subsequent interview process we will advise on what you can or cannot say. The last thing you want is a lawsuit because you have fallen foul of the law be it a gender, age, religion, race, disability or other similar issue. There is no shortage of lawyers out there waiting to pounce given half a chance!

Step 4: Manage candidate responses

Amber HR can manage all your candidate recruitment responses and we are happy to brand this through your company or as Amber as you prefer. We can sift responses to draw up short lists if required.

We will write to all applicants whether successful or otherwise and we will always be respectful of your brand in our communications thus protecting your image.

Step 5: Provide interview and assessment coaching

Mindful of the issues in step 3 we provide your interviewers with expert guidance all the way to ensure legal compliance and will help avoid any potentially embarrassing situations. Did you know an interview candidate is entitled to see your interview notes in the event they are unsuccessful with their application?

We can also provide coaching on interview techniques (including help on open questioning) and provide a structure around which to base a series of consistent interviews to obtain objective conclusions.

Step 6: Carry out candidate screening and interviewing

We do the initial screening of all CVs/potential candidates by matching their skills and experience against the agreed role specification.

Our first phase of formal interviewing is normally conducted via Skype or at least over the phone. We find this is a really cost effective way of getting a good feel for candidates and whether they will fit into your business or not.

When completed we will provide you with a short list for further interview along with a breakdown of how we feel each candidate fairs against the role specification. This enables you to probe potential areas of weakness when you meet up. We are also more than happy to assist directly in the subsequent interviews and can also guide this process.

Step 7: Carry our behavioural profiling

Where the role demands it we can provide behavioural profiling of candidates. We are fully qualified and licensed to deliver and interpret Saville & Holdsworth psychometric testing behavioural profiling tools. We are selective about the use and distribution of these profiles and would normally advise that they are used on the final shortlist only or perhaps just the final preferred candidate.

These tools can help contribute to the decision making process giving you a better understanding for example, of how people behave in certain situations or whether they work best individually or as part of a team, etc.

At Amber we are not only qualified to administer the profiling but also to interpret the report. We will share the feedback report with you highlighting key areas and we will also provide quality feedback to the candidate.

Step 8: Provide assessment centres

Where you are looking for more than one candidate then running an assessment centre can be a really useful way of gauging likely candidates. It is also a great way of seeing how your own potential candidates fare against those externally applying.

Assessment centres work because we can observe candidates performing in real situations such as teamwork exercises, formal interviews and presentations against one another. This becomes highly revealing in regards to a candidates technical and behavioural skills.

Step 9: Create compensation packages

We keep in close touch with the recruitment market so can advise you on how to construct a competitive compensation package that will attract the right person.

Step 10: Continuous engagement

It is easy to think that when you have made your offer then the recruitment process is over however we understand that sometimes candidates can get the wobbles; perhaps their existing employer makes a counter offer for instance. We believe in staying in close contact with the candidate right up to the day they start, this gives them a warm feeling of being wanted and provides us the opportunity to clip any second thoughts they might have, in the bud.


Recruitment can be a costly process even when it goes well, but when it goes wrong it can be financially crippling. The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) conducted a study to show that on average the cost of recruiting someone new was three times their initial salary. This figure is made up by several factors including advertising and agency recruitment fees, induction, training and the cost of covering the vacant job in the interim….not to mention the cost of your time! So somebody recruited on a £40k salary is likely to cost you £120k before they even get their feet under the table. Get that appointment wrong and you are talking big money let alone the timescale implications to put it right.

By working with Amber HR you can be confident of finding your ideal candidate whilst avoiding unnecessary costs or pitfalls. Why not give us a call today to see how we can help fulfil your recruitment needs?