Redundancy Management

Redundancy ManagementRedundancy is one of the most traumatic and life changing events that any individual may experience but with careful and sensitive handling of the redundancy process the negative impacts of redundancy can be reduced.

Reductions in your workforce can come about for a number of reasons and a redundancy management process that is not handled correctly can have costly unforeseen consequences for your business.

The key to reducing this risk is to ensure that the redundancy process is professional, transparent and legally compliant.

At Amber our aim is to support you as the business leader in ensuring your redundancy process is as pain free as possible for both the business and the affected employee(s). In any redundancy situation the immediate priority is the fair and sensitive treatment of employees who are losing their jobs.

We achieve this by working with you to understand the reasons for the potential redundancies and putting in place with you a redundancy process and time-frame that achieves your objective without stalling the day to day running of your business.