Strategic HR

Strategic HRThe crucial role to be played by Human Resources in the effective management of the integration process is often overlooked. Strategic HR can be as complicated or as straightforward as you require. Amber HR will work with you to identify, develop and implement the People Strategy best suited for and fully aligned to your business.

One main area where strategic HR input can add real commercial value and should not be overlooked is within the arena of Mergers & Acquisitions.

In pure “people” terms, M&As are disruptive and can adversely affect the pre-existing employer-employee relationship both contractually and implicitly. M&As have become associated with high levels of employee uncertainty and distress yet this is exactly when companies need and expect greater employee loyalty, flexibility, co-operation and increased productivity.

Many behavioural scientists have argued that the success rate of M&As would greatly improve if more account was taken of the degree of cultural or organisational fit which exists between the buying and selling firms or merger partners.

Amber can work with you at the beginning of the acquisition thought process and map out the people due diligence that will highlight and mitigate the people risks, not just from a legal perspective but more importantly from a cultural perspective. Early identification of potential risks and ways to overcome will ensure smoother post acquisition integration.