Virtual HR Director

Virtual HR DirectorIf yours is a small or medium sized business you probably can’t justify employing a full time HR director but you might feel your business would benefit from the strategic overview and guidance an experienced HR director would bring.

Amber HR’s Virtual HR Director service addresses this need. Our popular Virtual HR Director service offers a flexible, cost effective solution that can grow with your business as and when you need it.

Our Virtual HR Directors have experience gained at board level in large often internationally based companies so are fully qualified to guide your business forward. They will integrate with your senior management team to deliver specialist HR expertise on a totally confidential basis.

So how does the relationship work? A typical starting point is that an MD will come to us looking for a sounding board. Someone to bounce their ideas off or chat about their concerns. Quite often it is a about directional changes that are likely to have significant people impact. Whatever the issue, this is a great way to build up trust in your Virtual HR Director and one we encourage. Sometimes your business needs no more than this however if there are programme or implementation issues raised then these can be addressed too. Our Virtual HR Directors are normally retained on a number of hours/days per month.

A common request is for one of our Virtual HR Directors to carry out an HR audit which will quickly highlight weaknesses or legal risks within your set up and will help prioritise the steps you need to take to address these. Naturally we can help with the corrective measures if required.

Our Virtual HR Directors can provide strategic guidance on a whole host of HR issues including:

Whether it is guidance on these or complete project management our Virtual HR Director service is there to help so what not give us a call and find out more.